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8/23/2021 6 min read

"We do not want this change in our community. Please do not reclassify this land for employment. It will ruin our peaceful community, destroy precious desert habitat, wildlife and unique plants."

"This is despicable!!! This reeks of greed and carrying nothing of comnunites of American families, who bought property to be near beautiful scenery and precious wilderness, which is fast disappearing from many places in America. What an absolute shame our children and grandchildren will not enjoy this gorgeous land and the history of this county that will be lost forever, if you prefer money and commercialism over America and her families enjoyment of this land and spectatular views found nowhere else. Please, do not sell this land."

"Pinal County needs responsible growth. These proposals are not just irresponsible, but heinous. The Pinal County Board of Supervisors and Planning & Zoning Commission are charged with the responsibility of protecting our land and its residents first and foremost while managing growth. If permitted, these proposals will irreversibly destroy this land and damage the health, safety, and welfare of the residents. As such, it is your responsibility to tell the applicant of these proposals NO. There is ample space on the South side of the 60 and closer to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport ideal for the placement of a major employment development. Any employer that requires that we change existing laws in place for our protection and sell-out our most precious natural resources does not share the values of our community. Please Vote NO on # PZ-PA-006-21 and # PZ-C-004-21."

"Proposal is not suited for the area involved."

"Please don’t allow the destruction of one of the most beautiful, environmentally sensitive areas in the country, if not the world."

"Gold Canyon and the surrounding area for years has been a haven for those wanting to escape the industrial, commercial madness of the cities to the west of us."

"Stop this land grab that would only benefit Big Industry while destroying irreplacable natural treasures."

"Reclassifying Gold Canyon to include "employment" would in effect render it an industrial park. It would completely change the area's character and most likely reduce property values as well as livability. There are already many other industrial areas with similar existing facilities and infrastructure."

"Please respect our desert ecosystem and the cultural relics contained within."

"This town is a sleepy, retirement and recently growing, family oriented community. Towns such as Avondale, Glendale and Buckeye are more industry related, AND those towns already have existing infrastructure to support large warehouse/industrial businesses. Don’t let these businesses move to a quiet community neighborhood simply because the price of “dirt” is cheaper for them. Their “dirt”, is our quiet, pristine backyard and beautiful desert."

"The thought of this land being converted into commercial use is just appalling. I moved to Gold Canyon for the sense of openness and community, not to fight huge traffic jams like everyplace else in the valley. Destroying more of this ecosystem for financial gain is just reckless and not involving residents is just wrong."

"Please stop killing the peaceful desert we all love. We do not need more businesses."

"This whole situation is completely appalling. My family moved to Gold Canyon to ESCAPE the crowds and the city. This employment structure will destroy everything we love about Gold Canyon. I can not imagine our beloved Superstition Wilderness be destroyed by state and business greed. How dare they. Find another place and stay out of our wilderness."

"A large business or commercial development has no business being next to a pristine wilderness area. There must be other locations that make more sense."

"When I bought my house here the main reason was the isolation. I did not move here to have a major production facility right next door. There’s plenty off open land right across the highway 60."

"I have done extensive hiking in the Superstition Mountains. I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone with decision making authority on this matter would allow high employment zoning at the base of such a state and national treasure! This area has historic petroglyphs, ancient grinding "pots" in rock formations and numerous natural drains. There is plenty of space south of hwy 60 for a high employment development not in the pristine Sonoran desert environment!!!

"Placing commercial development between two major residential areas is irresponsible."

"I am against these proposed changes to the Superstition Wilderness area. With so many undeveloped areas in Arizona, far closer to highways, the airport and away from residential developments, it is illogical for manufacturing and warehousing to move into this area. The citizens are vocally and strongly against it in all regards. To my knowledge, the ASLD has not given logical answers for the selection of this particular parcel to be rezoned and auctioned off. That is because there is none that will serve the community or the fragile desert environment there."

"All of this seems very underhanded & for profiteering purposes. I want to retain the beauty & magic of our desert which is home to many of our residents & animals!! That means more to me than any money!! I want to retain our starry skies, our clean air., our native relics & Native heritage. We already have more than sustainable traffic without adding more congestion & thus more accidents. We were promised a bypass many years ago. Didn’t come to be! I want to keep our land from being developed for commercial land-grabbers!! I OPPOSE reclassification of the land indicated!!"

"Although this proposed development and reclassification of zoning would bring jobs and commerce to our area, this project should be built on the other side of the 60, and not the side that is adjacent to the superstition mountains. Building this type of factory(ies) smack in between two residential neighborhoods is wrong unto itself, and would negatively affect property values in that area… not to mention the negative impact on our wildlife, decimation of historic Indian ruins, and destroying our Gold Canyon way of life Please do the right thing and move this project to the other side of the US 60 highway where it is much better suited for this type of development."

"Rezoning is an awful idea and would negatively impact the lives and property value of current residents!! This is OUR community and you as our representatives have the responsibility of following the lead of your constituents… we will absolutely vote you out of office if you do not respect our opinions!!!"

"I strongly oppose rezoning this area from Residential to Employment for the following reasons: The rezoning would have a strong negative impact on the entire Gold Canyon community. It would allow a manufacturing facility within 220 yards of existing residential areas It would allow the destruction of 12,000 acres of desert. It would carry an unacceptable risk of pollution to the surrounding communities It would negatively impact historical and Native American sites. This is the wrong location for this rezoning and I strongly urge you to reject it."

"Please do not develop land north of highway 60 in the beautiful Superstition Mountains area. Find some land south of the 60 for businesses. Please."

"Please protect the beautiful Sonoran Desert in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains, the endangered wildlife that lives there and the dark skies in Gold Canyon. Please vote No."

"Do NOT want this beautiful area ruined! Why do this? South of the 60 ok!"

"Note that this is not a case of residents opposing any and all changes to zoning. It is the specific location of the changes in relation to the superstition mountains and unreasonable changes to residential buffer zones that are the key issues."

"The overdevelopment of Arizona desert land will be its ultimate downfall. We do not have the resources to support ever expanding urban and suburban encroachment into sparsely populated, natural desert areas. These areas serve as crucial recharge zones for our aquifers, since most of metropolitan Phoenix has sealed the ground with asphalt and concrete, preventing water infiltration. In addition to lack of resources, geologic hazards such as debris flows and flooding often impact foothills areas such as Gold Canyon. For these reasons and to preserve the incredible biodiversity of the upland Sonoran Desert, Gold Canyon should be prevented from further development and rezoning. Let’s sustainably maintain the Arizona that we love."

"Several times a week, I hike and bike in the area that is proposed to be sold. I bought a home here to use the trails in this area, and in the Superstition Wilderness. I know that many of my friends and neighbours hike, mountain bike, ride horses, camp, or just do short walks in this area. It is a fantastic, beautiful place! Many other Arizona residents, and tourists from all over the world enjoy this area. Please keep development south of highway 60. There are miles and miles of flat, vacant land there, that is not a beautiful recreation area! This area would be far more suitable for commercial or industrial development. Thank you."

"I built my house in Gold Canyon to be away from urban congestion and enjoy dark skies. Additionally, the traffic is already horrendous, especially during the winter months. This expansion will make an already bad situation even worse. I don't want this land selloff to occur!!"

"My husband and I purchased our home in Gold Canyon because of the proximity to the Superstition Mountain Wilderness Area. Many local people, people from around Arizona, the rest of the USA, Canada and the world make use of healthy recreational opportunities in the proposed area. Three to four times a week we enjoy biking or hiking, in the area which is proposed for development. We often see people on horseback in the area as well. The proposed development would hinder the peacefulness and enjoyment of many activities which drew us and continues to draw people to our community. We understand how important the economy and employment is to the people of Arizona. I do not understand why a section of land south of hwy 60 is not under consideration for development."

"State lands must be beneficial for its residents. Placing an industrial business between 2 residential communities is absurd. With an already delicate eco system & shortage of water, this spells disaster to the communities. Surely there is land elsewhere more appropriate."

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